Top 6 Event Planning Applications To Help You Save Time And Get Organized

We’re excited to share some of our top event app choices.

All of them offer event web site creation, ticketing, online registration,

and day of event management tools.


According to, 86% of event organizers are women, our average age is 47 and over 50% of us are college graduates. Why is this? It may be that women are good at multi-tasking, and the older we get the better we are at it. It also means that some of us have been relying on pencil and paper, folders, excel sheets and post it’s since forever and we certainly haven’t had time to investigate all the event software that’s out there, let alone try it. So here to help you choose and ‘get with the program’ are our top choices. All of them offer event web site creation, ticketing, on- line registration and day of event management tools and most allow you to have a free trial. All offer training and online support.

1. Right now this is the number one event planning software with over 600,000 users and counting. Can all these people be wrong? We doubt it. This tried and tested software allows you to create and fill in in your event  details, custom build your event page, choose your ticket type and manage registration and sales. Social media promotion is built into the program, as is the ability to build an email database. For free events you pay nothing to use Eventbrite giving you a great opportunity to try it out.


2. uses the award winning Amiando software, which allows for multilingualonline ticketing and event registration. Event website creation is easy using their templates - your own ticket shop is included and all without any programming headaches.Ticketing can be integrated into your own website or even your organization’s Facebook page. You only pay fees when there are registrations for your event, and site security is considered second to none. Training is by webinar or live online.


3. According to the company’s own website RegOnline has registered 8 million+ people for over 200,000 events worldwide which is pretty impressive. It provides event planners and organizers with total attendee data management, control of and insight into every aspect of their event or meeting. It is  considered to be easy to use with flexible and clear pricing that is directly related to your event’s size. No need for IT with their website designer, social promotion and email tools.A couple of cool features offered: it has a hotel and venue sourcing tool, plus self-service kiosk for speedy check- in at events.


4. has a 3-step event creation process and along with the mobile friendly event registration pages. It accepts payments and checks in attendees using smartphones. One click social media integration allows you to promote your event on both Twitter and Facebook. Eventzilla also supports creation of event calendars; location      maps, and discounts codes for your event. There are no downloads, no set up fee and no monthly fee. Eventzilla is free if your event is free. If not, they charge a $1 flat fee per attendee paid either by the organization or by the attendee. Past users include Harvard Graduate School of Education and Habitat for Humanity to name but two.


5. has over 14,000 customers and advertises itself as being the ‘platform for the entire event lifecycle.’ Cvent is a cloud based event management platform largely aimed at hotel event management. If you happen to be in Vegas on June 14th – 18th 2015 you can register for their Cvent Connect event and get to know everything about this particular platform in person.


6. an online volunteer solution that includes registration, scheduling, and volunteer management. Your volunteers can be automatically scheduled with a unique tool that does the work for you. Used by hundreds of organizations including Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity and Stanford University. Regpack maintains that if there isn’t a feature you need then they will do their best to create it. This software is aimed at keeping things simple and is built with input from education and government professionals. The software is used by camps, schools, conferences and sports organizations. Cost is on a sliding scale dependent on the number of applicants and starts at $49 per month for up to 200 applicants.

So which one to choose? This is largely dependent on what type of organization you are and which you feel most comfortable using and the only way to find this out is to jump on in there, take an online tour and take a free trial or two. Your event-planning career could just get a whole lot easier.