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Oratelogo small 0336d37b6a32f5b3bfa2f180043148de42cbf88544f08fc3bb526a88f533bdaa is an online community of public speakers and event organizers, created to accomplish two main things:

  1. Make the process of finding and booking great speakers easier
  2. Help unique and talented speakers find more opportunities.

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The Orate Platform:
We offer a centralized, online platform that helps event organizers eliminate hours spent searching online, avoid going to expensive bureaus, and prevent exhausting personal networks to find speakers. With our reliable service, we make it easy to find, vet, and book public speakers, all in one place.
Whether you are looking for a keynote speaker, panel moderator, workshop facilitator, or speaker for your webinar, Orate connects events with a variety of unique and quality speakers that fit their needs. We know a key piece of what drives the success of events is content, and speakers are the conduit.

Our Mission:
Add value to events by making the most out of budget requirements while providing the perfect speaker to engage the audience.

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