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Whether you have a small budget to work with or a larger one, our goal is to match the right events with the right speakers. Our database of searchable speaker profiles include those of male and female motivational speakers, guest speakers, keynote speakers, executive speakers and more. We also have event listings that include information on the type of speaker each event needs.



What Orate Does for Speakers

At, event speakers can create professional profiles, highlighting experience, training, past and future events, and other credentials and qualifications they’d like to showcase. They can upload their professional headshots, and tag the areas of expertise in which they are proficient at speaking. Areas of expertise include education, technology, networking, leadership, entrepreneurship, gender equality, youth empowerment, unified communications, and dozens of others. Profiles can include talk ideas and a biography as well. Join our list of motivational speakers!

In addition, speakers can browse our listings for events that need speakers, and can filter their searches according to the type of event, the location, and more to find a spot to fill at an upcoming event.

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Why Event Organizers Rely on Orate

Event organizers are responsible for a critical component of any event that needs a speaker, whether it be a convention, a workshop, motivational seminars, a summit, or a school assembly. Browse profiles of speakers on Orate to find those that match your needs and your budget! View experience, training, past events, availability and more.

Organizers can search for event speakers according to keyword, by location, or they can perform a search of all available categories. If top motivational speakers are wanted, business instructional speakers or any other type of speaker, Orate makes it easy and efficient to view speaker profiles, filter to the right speaker, and connect with him or her to hire for your event!

In addition, organizers can post their events on Orate, and qualified speakers can browse events to find those at which they are interested in speaking.

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