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Author of the bestselling book DARE: Straight Talk on Confidence, Courage, and Career for Women in Charge and a trailblazer to the C-suite, Becky Blalock is a sought after speaker, thought leader and champion of skill and relationship building to achieve success in the workplace. She is the Managing Partner at Advisory Capital, an Atlanta-based consulting firm providing strategic insight for companies involved in the energy, information technology, and medical industries. During her 33-year career with Southern Company, Ms. Blalock held a variety of leadership positions before becoming Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer.

Ms. Blalock is on the board of the Electric Power Research Institute. She Chairs, the Emory Healthcare Advisory Board and serves on the Advisory Boards of Catavolt, Gigabark, and SolAmerica Energy. She is an advocate for women and children, and chairs board committees for The Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta and other organizations.


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