Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Orate?

Orate is where events are connected with talented speakers. Our network contains many new and unique speakers, as well as established orators.

How does Orate make money?

If an Orate speaker charges a fee, we receive a commission. If the speaker does not charge a fee, the event organizer pays a flat fee for access to that speaker.

How are you different from a speakers’ bureau?

Speakers of all kinds, regardless of what they charge, can be a part of the Orate network. We don’t require our speakers to charge a minimum fee, or any fees at all. Our speakers are free agents with complete control over their own fees, schedule, and content.

How do I reset my password?

To reset your password, please go here

What is the optimal image size to upload for Speaker Profiles?

Profile images are resized to 310 x 310 pixels. Any image larger than this will be fitted to 310 x 310 pixels and not lose quality, any image smaller than this will be stretched and appear blurry.

Where are you located?

Our office is located in McLean, VA. However, we work with speakers and events all over the United States.

How can I contact someone at Orate?

Please use the following email addresses depending on the nature of your inquiry:
General questions: [email protected]
Speakers: [email protected]
Event Organizers: [email protected]
Legal questions: [email protected]

Do you have an app?

We do not have a mobile app at this time, however our website is responsive and is optimized to be used on mobile devices as well as laptops and desktops.

Event Organizer Questions

How much does Orate cost?

If the speaker charges a speaking fee, Orate’s cost is already included in that fee. For access to book speakers who waive or do not charge fees, please see our pricing here.

What If I don’t have a budget to pay for speakers?

Even if you have little to no budget for speaking fees, you can still use Orate. Some speakers do not charge a speaking fee, to book those speakers for your event Orate charges very nominal fees; please see our pricing here.

Are you a speaking agent?

We don’t consider ourselves agents to the speakers any more than we consider ourselves agents to the events (and those putting them on). Our goal is to make a great match that meets both the needs of the event and the speaker.

Why is Orate better than my speakers bureau?

Orate is a unique marketplace where event organizers can find a wide variety of speakers on almost every topic. Unlike other speaker bureaus Orate has no minimum fee requirements for our speakers, in fact many of them even speak for free from time to time (see pricing page for Orate's fees).

Where do I pay?

If you are paying by check, please make it out to Orate, Inc. and send to . If you would like to pay by credit card, please reach out to [email protected] for instructions.

Speaker Questions

How do I sign up?

To create an online profile, please continue signing up here

What types of speakers are you looking for?

We are topic agnostic. We work with event organizers that need content on a variety of topics. Requests from event organizers on sessions and types of speakers vary. As long as you have a message, passion for your topic, and desire to share it with audiences, you fit in at Orate.

How much does Orate cost?

It is FREE for speakers to join and be listed on the Orate network. If you charge a fee, Orate takes 20% as commission, which is lower than the industry standard.

I am looking for paid engagements, but I only see unpaid events listed on the website. Is this something that Orate can help with?

Yes, we are actively working with events that DO pay their speakers, but we don't always post them on the site. Often times they don't want to get bombarded with emails, and want the opportunity to pre-select speakers they would like to see proposals from. For most paid engagements, you will most likely be contacted through a message on your profile from the organizer directly or a member of the Orate team.

How do I get paid?

We pay all of our speakers using direct deposit through ZenPayroll, who will also take care of generating your 1099 at the end of the year. Once you’re booked for your first Orate engagement, our team will reach out to you to get you set up in ZenPayroll. After the engagement we will release your portion of the funds within 10 business days of the later of the event or receiving the funds from the organization.

How much should I charge?

Unlike other speaker bureaus, we do not mandate that speakers charge a certain amount. Our speakers are free to charge whatever they wish. If you need guidance, we are happy to speak with you about your fees, please reach out to [email protected]

Where is my data stored, and how is it secured?

We follow industry best practices for all data storage and delivery. Your connection with this website is encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and AES-256 bit encryption. What should I put on my profile page?.

Why is Orate better than my speakers bureau?

At Orate we pride ourselves on being an open platform for speakers. There is no sign up fee, no monthly fee, no speaking fee requirements and no exclusivity contacts.

Can I share my profile?

Yes, you can copy the unique url in the search bar to send via email, or share your profile via the social media buttons within your profile.

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