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Kyle Conway learned the art of marketing and sponsorships as a young sales rep at the famed HOST COMMUNICATIONS, one of the top sports marketing firms in the world at the time.

Kyle took his sponsorship skills to public realm in 2001 when he joined the Grapevine, (Texas) Convention & Visitors Bureau.  Known as one of the largest and most progressive CVBs in the country, Kyle developed and ran a comprehensive sponsorship program during his 10-year career in Grapevine that is still in use today.

Today, Kyle’s passion is for the company he founded in 2011 and the clients they serve.  Their diverse clientele includes festivals, municipalities, school districts and resort hotel properties.

Kyle holds a BS degree from Abilene Christian University, is a graduate of the University of Kentucky’s UK Sports Marketing Academy, and holds a Leadership Certification through Texas A&M University’s Texas Event Leadership Program.

Kyle is a sought-after speaker and emcee.  He’s an average guitar player but is working on it.  Kyle married Susan, his college sweetheart, 20 years ago and their life today is mostly spent getting their three children to the next activity.

Talk Ideas

Sponsorship 101: What’s in it for the property…for the sponsor

Sponsorship Trends and Best Practices: What’s everyone else doing these days?

Finding These Sponsors: Where are they and do they really exist?

Contracts: The Who-What-When-and-Wheres

Activation: Getting the most out of what you just invested in

Cash vs. In-Kind (trade): what are the benefits of each

S-ignage: One of the most over-looked elements of sponsorships

Media Sponsorships: How to get what you want out of the media