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Terri Sinclair, PCC

Tucson, AZ

Speaker, Trainer, and Accredited Coach at Develup

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Being the Leader Others Want to Follow: Behaviors that Engage
Is anyone on your team suffering from initiative deficiency? Do you sometimes feel if you weren’t there, that nothing would get done? In this interactive session, leadership coach Terri Sinclair offers an understanding of: —Why disengagement happens —Techniques to create a new culture —Obstacles you'll need to overcome —Best practices to get employees engaged By the end, you will have new tools in your leadership toolbox to transform the disengaged.

Building Your Team: How to Overcome the 5 Dysfunctions
Have you seen signs that your team is not as cohesive as it could be? Holding grudges Saying, “that’s not my job” Avoiding topics where difference of opinions exist Hiding mistakes Holding unproductive meetings Using personal attacks as a defense mechanism Resenting other team members This session examines the 5 dysfunctions of a team, and how to overcome them. Plan what you can do to help your team increase its cohesiveness and ultimately be more productive.

Terri Sinclair, PCC can speak in Keynote, Workshop, Panel, Strategic Planning/Meeting Facilitation, Webinar and Emcee sessions.


Few speakers have the diverse experience that Terri brings. She’s been helping companies and individuals for over two decades. With...

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5 Speaking Sins and How You Can Gain Salvation

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