"Empowering Women to Communicate with Confidence, Increase their Influence, and Overcome Gender Bias with Body Language"

Lisa Mitchell

Indianapolis, IN

Certified Body Language Trainer at Power Body Language

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The Science of Dating & Romance
Tired of feeling clueless in the world of dating? Wish there was a secret to knowing if someone was interested in you? Or a magic recipe for letting someone know that you are interested in them? There actually is! It's called non verbal communication and body language and by mastering just a few techniques, you can take the guess work out of decoding dating signals.

Mastering Your First Impression
Whether you're applying for that coveted internship, going after your dream job, or trying to win over a profitable new client, first impressions matter! First Impressions are formed the moment you are seen, not when you start interacting, and they are long lasting so it's important to know how to manage your first impression right from the start! I'll teach you how to manage your digital first impression, how to make an entrance, and how to start any interaction with confidence.

Lisa Mitchell can speak in Keynote, Workshop, Panel, Webinar and Emcee sessions.


I specialize in empowering women through the "SuperPower" of body language and non verbal skills science. I train targeted techniques to teach...

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