"NPR, CBS, and New York Times featured author who inspires companies to stand out in a sea of sameness."

Evan Carroll

Raleigh, North Carolina

Author and Keynote Speaker at Evan Carroll and Associates

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Bigger isn’t Better; Better is Better
For far too long companies have focused on size. More profits. More subscribers. More leads in the funnel. Bigger, so the establishment believes, is better. What if better were truly better? This talk is a journey through compelling examples of great companies who have embraced the idea of better is better and will leave the audience inspired to do better work in their own companies.

Estate Planning for Digital Assets
Almost without realizing it, we have shifted to an all-digital culture and increasingly, we must understand and manage digital assets. Laws are emerging to help govern the disposition of digital assets and companies have created procedures for dealing with them. In this session we will discuss the complexities of digital assets and how to plan and manage them for your clients.

Evan Carroll can speak in Keynote, Workshop, Panel, Strategic Planning/Meeting Facilitation, Webinar and Emcee sessions.


Evan Carroll is an author, speaker, and experience architect. His career spans roles in user experience, marketing, and product management for...

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Evan Carroll Keynote Speaker Preview Reel
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Evan Carroll - Keynote Speaker and co-author of Blue Goldfish
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Blue Goldfish - Using Technology, Data and Analytics to Drive Both Profits and Prophets
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Evan Carroll - Keynote Speaker and co-author of Blue Goldfish

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