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Victoria E. Broussard, Esq.

Houston, Texas

Attorney, Author, Founder & Coach at Law Office of Victoria Broussard

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Live Well With Your Truth, The Qualified Quantus Mind (Q2M)
This Keynote presents well to any gender neutral corporate or private audience who are relentlessly pursuing their organic, best self and are committed to the work of achieving a Q2M. Those individuals seeking this type of elevated consciousness sincerely & purely desire betterment that is only achieved by loving and forgiving themselves while exercising acceptance and a genuine willingness to expose painful truths of their life.

Victoria E. Broussard, Esq. can speak in Keynote, Workshop, Panel, Strategic Planning/Meeting Facilitation, Webinar and Emcee sessions.


Ms. Victoria Elyonda Broussard is a practicing attorney in Texas who graduated from the University of Texas in Austin, earning a Bachelor of...

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Agent of Change! The Clean-up Ain't Pretty. 2nd Speech Outing Childhood Sexual Abuse

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