"NeuroTech Evangelist. Startup Founder. "

Sterling Cooley

Berkeley California | Shenzhen China

CEO & Co-Founder at Berkeley Ultrasound, Inc.

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Be Happy! Can Ultrasound Entertain and Heal Our Brains?
Forgetful? Depressed? Bored? What if a common technology we all know had a hidden secret. In this talk I detail the science behind how Ultrasound could be the most powerful form of brain therapy that exists. Ultrasound is silent, it doesn't hurt, and existing studies show it improves your mood, yet has no adverse side effects. Come hear about Ultrasound, and how it could drastically improve your brain health in the near future.

Sterling Cooley can speak in Keynote, Workshop and Panel sessions.


Sterling Cooley is founder of Berkeley Ultrasound and  a pioneer in the still young field of Ultrasound Neuromodulation.

Early research...

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