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Susan Tolles is the Founder of The Flourishing Life™, a Market Director with the Mentoring Women’s Network®, and a Certified Life Purpose Coach® whose clients surround the globe. Her expert guidance leads women to celebrate their unique value, follow their life’s purpose and live authentically from the inside out.

Susan is a passionate advocate for professional women, equipping and motivating them to envision more and reach higher, building a career they love without sacrificing their personal wellbeing. Through Susan’s dynamic coaching programs, workshops and keynote speeches, she embodies her own life purpose “to inspire and empower women to flourish from the inside out.” Find more information on Susan as a speaker on her website.



Extraordinary Leadership: How to Lead So Others Will Follow

Talk Ideas

ARE YOU FRAZZLED OR FOCUSED? Five keys to finding the right balance when you're overwhelmed, overstressed and unfulfilled.

Today’s busy professional is leading a fast-paced life, juggling home, family and career while serving others as a community volunteer and caregiver. While the success of his or her career depends upon keen business skills and performance, it is also greatly impacted by personal health and wellbeing. Distractions and stress brought on by the effects of a frenzied pace can lead to anxiety, depression, fatigue and physical illness—a recipe for a total collapse while living in overdrive. This session will provide concrete tools to help busy professionals maintain their focus when they are overworked, overstressed and unfulfilled.

FROM PARALYZED TO PRODUCTIVE: Conquering perfectionism and procrastination to reach your highest potential

Perfectionism and procrastination are two of the most common roadblocks to success, paralyzing us from taking action while creating stress, exhaustion and low self-esteem. Instead of being productive, we get stuck in a never-ending cycle that keeps us from getting things done. Susan will share strategies to break free from perfectionism with confidence and self-acceptance, and steps to get you moving NOW instead of later.

EXTRAORDINARY LEADERSHIP: How to Lead So Others Will Follow

Are you destined to be a great leader? Truly Extraordinary Leaders do more than manage—they make their mark on the world through their words, attitudes, values and interactions. In this presentation, Susan will share the key principles that leaders must practice so others will become passionate and loyal followers. . Participants will identify their leadership strengths and learn how to compensate for their weaknesses.

Top Benefits of Developing Effective Women Leaders Through Mentoring

Recent statistics show that organizations with gender-balanced management teams far outperformed their competition, while women-owned businesses are expanding at rapid rates. Females represent 60% of today’s college graduates, and developing them into successful leaders is essential for the future of tomorrow’s economy. This session explores the benefits of an internal mentoring program as an effective method of attracting women, offering opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Susan Tolles

Austin, TX