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Do you want to utilize the tools of leadership that will motivate people to follow you and inspire them to respect you?

Sherry Strothers is a dynamic speaker and consultant who can teach her audience the skills that are needed to lead with confidence, so that each attendee can have a stronger impact on every person that they come in contact with each day. During her presentations, she motivates individuals, forges teams and changes organizations. When Sherry speaks you are guaranteed to walk away with tools that you can use immediately. She speaks from the experience of having been there and having done it - successfully.

Her high energy programs inspire leaders, aspiring leaders and personal growth seekers to:

  • Spark their imagination to create a bold vision
  • Lead from the heart and not from the head
  • Achieve balance and establish boundaries
  • Learn communication skills that exude confidence, not intimidation
  • Share a clear-picture vision so that it energizes others

Sherry is author of “Strength is in the Struggle, Charting Your Path to Personal Success”. She is also one of a small group of women coaches and consultants selected from around the world to co-author “How to Break the Glass Ceiling without a Hammer – Career Strategies for Women”.

She is currently serving as a Chief Warrant Officer in the United States Navy with over 28 years of honorable service. Sherry has received several military awards, honors, accolades and recognition for sustained superior performance; and dedication to duty. Sherry was selected as the Vice Chief of Naval Operations 2005 Shore Sailor from over 100,000 Sailors in the entire Navy. Her military awards include the Joint Commendation Medal, 6 Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medals, the Joint Achievement Medal and 6 Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals, just to name a few.

Sherry has an MBA in Information Technology Management, and a BS in Management and Technology. She is an expert on Client Consultation and Relations Management, Administrative Management, Teambuilding and Leadership, Professional Training and Development, Career Counseling, Human Resources and Personnel Management, Solutions Development, Educational Instruction and Strategic Planning.

Talk Ideas

From Uniformity to Uncertainty

Leaving the military can be extremely intimidating. No matter how long you serve, getting out can lead to a lot of uncertainty. Making the transition to civilian life can be overwhelming, and this presentation is designed to outline the things that a military person needs to know when they stop wearing the uniform.

Leading without Smudging your Lipstick

Leadership Has no sexual orientation. Too much emphasis is placed on gender in the workplace. It may be true that men and women communicate differently, but leadership requires a hybrid approach to be successful in today’s sophisticated workplace. This presentation shows women that they can lead like a man, and still be a lady.

Failing to Lead, Leads Subordinates to Fail

Is your organization struggling with success? It may be hard to admit, but you might be the problem… very often poor leadership is the cause of many failures in business. The presentation will help you identify and overcome those potential weaknesses to ensure long-term professional success.