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With a distinguished professional career that spans over thirty years, as a business owner, trainer, organization development consultant, and nationally acclaimed public speaker, Joni Daniels has consulted and trained for a wide range of private, non-profit and educational organizations at all levels and in a wide variety of industries. Focused on supporting people in achieving powerful results, Joni provides management training, keynote presentations, facilitation of meetings and retreats, and one-on-one Guided Execution in addition to special projects and has developed and conducted numerous programs on Interpersonal Communication, Team Building, Leadership, Personal Development, Change, Empowerment, and Presentation Skills. She has served as an instructor in management topics at The Wharton School’s Small Business Development Center, Temple University, Towson University College of Business & Economics, and the Executive MBA program at the Sellinger School/Loyola University/MD. A frequent contributor for television, radio and business publications, Joni regularly contributes to The Baltimore Business Journal and CityBizList.com. She currently serves on the Board of Overseers for the Baltimore School for the Arts, holds a Masters in Counseling and a Certificate in Organizational Development, and is the author of Power Tools for Women®: Plugging into the Essential Skills for Work and Life (Crown 2002)

Talk Ideas

Navigating Personal and Organizational Change: Up the Creek with a Paddle and a Motor

Ideally suited for groups of employees at the same level, this program can be tailored for all levels to address general or client-specific change. The program has proven beneficial in dealing with everyday life or workplace changes and can be adapted to a variety of audiences.
At some point in every person’s life, change has wreaked havoc. Whether change is brought about as a result of technology, politics, cash-flow problems, an act of God or a deliberate decision, there exists a set of simple, logical steps which, when carefully taken, will bring about a successful transition. This program helps participants effectively manage personal change and teaches them how to introduce change to others in a non-threatening manner. How change is managed has a critical influence on people’s willingness to respond. In this highly interactive presentation, participants will be presented with models for transition along with ideas for planning change, recognizing and minimizing stress and resistance, monitoring the consequences of change, and creating a focus toward generating steps for success. Participants will achieve a practical understanding of the change process, its role in personal experience and in an organization, and the skills needed to effectively manage personal transition and organizational change.

4 Keys to Being a Great Motivator

Relevant at any management level, and equally beneficial in personal life. A terrific training tool!
Motivating others is the key to “getting things done through people.” Usually the secret behind a truly productive environment is a great, insightful motivator. This energetic and fast-paced presentation draws on the findings of 11 motivational theories and illustrates how they can be applied to increase employees’ motivation and productivity. Participants will walk away with strategies they can use immediately to encourage others as well as an understanding of how to avoid the behaviors that demotivate.

Power Tools for Women®: Plugging Into the Essential Skills for Work and Life

An upbeat, motivational address that can serve as a key address for women at any personal or professional level who want to tap into their own potential. Power up your ability to attain personal satisfaction and professional success.
Many people already possess tremendous power they are not effectively plugging into. Able to utilize a skill in one situation, they find themselves powerless in another. Once people understand the interpersonal “power tools” they possess, they can discover ways to successfully transfer their power to a variety of other situations. This energetic program helps participants discover and identify key power skills, learn how to transfer them from situation to situation, and how to master and manage them in emergencies. Participants will examine how to react to anticipated and unexpected circumstances, and learn to develop approaches with a new and more powerful outlook, increasing the chances of a desired outcome. Plug into greater success by learning how to power up your life.

Networking Your Way to Business Success

Practical advice for the business owner, professional, or the individual who wants to leverage interpersonal opportunities to advance their goals. Easily adapted to a variety of audiences.
As a business professional, you understand the importance of networking, so you faithfully go to all the networking events. You meet and greet and exchange business cards. The event ends and you have an impressive collection of cards… but what now? How do you convert these cards into genuine business leads and relationships? Even the introverted can adapt their own personal style and create success strategies for effective networking.

The Hard Conversations: Initiating Discussions That Matter

Practical advice for anyone who struggles with initiating thorny conversations, this program has proven helpful in dealing with everyday life or workplace challenges and can be adapted to a variety of audiences.
The toughest conversations are the ones we know we need to have, but don’t want to initiate. Rather than hoping the issues will just go away, you can take proactive steps to assume control and transform your desire to improve a situation into action. This presentation focuses on how to determine a realistic outcome, develop a sound strategy, head off potential problems and create a solid script to carry you through.

Talkin’ Bout My Generation: Managing Across the Generations

Relevant at any management level and equally beneficial as a training tool for all employees.
Today’s workforce is one of the most diverse, in ages and in values, in our history. All generations have much to offer one another, whether as employers or employees, business partners or strategic mates. Bridge the gap between people with different generational value systems by developing a better understanding of who they are, what they value, and how to motivate them. Once participants understand generational differences, they can start to develop the strategies and skills needed to motivate, manage or work with any age co-worker, improve information transfer, develop more effective teams, and retain valuable human capital. Become aware of how to improve communication skills, reduce intergenerational conflict, and transform your organization into one that values individual differences.

It’s All in the Design: A Blueprint for Successful Team Building

Practical advice for management at all levels, these concepts translate to team building on a personal level as well.
A true team can be described as a number of people with complementary skills who are equally committed to a common purpose and working approach. But team performance is not simply a matter of chemistry and luck. This presentation focuses on how to create a successful team and avoid early difficulties; predictable stages of team performance; behaviors that can enhance or obstruct a high-performing team; and how to enjoy the personal and organizational rewards of team interaction.

Your Personal Merger: Work and Life

This seminar addresses the issues of work life blend that challenge many professionals.
A reality of today’s workplace is that boundaries between the personal and professional have become movable and permeable. Rather than wish that was not the case, creating a ‘new normal’ means figuring out how to prioritize, organize, increase the ability to focus and stay flexible. This program will focus on learning different strategies and communication skills that help participants blend career, home, family and community successfully.

The Unformula for Success

A dynamic presentation delivered with energy and enthusiasm that can benefit audiences at any personal or professional level.
Do you find yourself eagerly combing the pages of journals and magazines for information, affirmation, challenge and guidance? You may have discovered that most articles offer simple formulaic “recipes for success,” the theory being that if you follow the rules, you too will be happy and prosperous at life and work! This lively presentation illustrates the fallacy of the formulas and sound-byte strategies and offers a way to develop your own unique “unformula” for success!

Do You Have Bounce?

An upbeat presentation, delivered with humor and practical suggestions that can benefit audiences at any professional level.
Risk taking is often cited as a critical 21st century skill and all of us have the potential to become more resilient. The ability to bounce back quickly from setbacks and emerge upbeat and optimistic is a way of converting misfortune into a chance at something good. Learn ways to leverage your ‘bounce’ and become less risk averse, and increase your awareness of how to develop a willingness to try something new or overcome challenging obstacles. Risk taking can add to personal and professional growth and your accomplishments.

Stop Saying Yes: Achieving Balance without Sacrificing your Goals

This seminar addresses the issues of balance and stress that are a daily dilemma for many professionals.
A recurring problem for many professionals is being “swamped,” taking on more than they can reasonably handle at the moment, but still taking it on. While juggling the demands of career, home and family, one often can feel overwhelmed. But how do you say no to your boss, your customer, your spouse, your child? During this program, participants will learn different strategies that will help them to “stop saying yes” without being buried under clouds of guilt.

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