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Jocelyn Davis is the president and co-founder of Nelson Hart LLC, a women-owned consulting firm that helps clients develop teams and workplaces where individuals flourish and the organizations thrive.  She also teaches two graduate level courses in applied positive psychology (Managing Project Teams and Evolving as a PM Leader) at the Center for Excellence in Project Management at the Clark School of Engineering at University of Maryland, College Park.

As a former Chief Financial Officer (at AARP and ICMA Retirement Corporation), it is important to Jocelyn that her teachings not only be backed by data but also produce results.  Happiness at work (subjective well-being) is a critical model for creating a successful and sustainable workplace.  It is fundamental to improved creativity, productivity, revenues, customer loyalty, employee retention and reducing employee absences, healthcare costs, attrition, theft, safety incidents.

Recently, a chapter of the Society of Human Resource Managers asked Jocelyn to lead a year-long series on “Happiness at Work,” covering each of its elements in detail.  Her work on this topic has also been published in the Gower Handbook of People in Project Management and the Oxford Handbook of Positive Psychology and Work.

Jocelyn Davis

Washington, DC