Millennial secrets to managing and motivating Millennials today
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What’s wrong with Millennials today! Gabrielle answers that question and more in her book, 5 Millennial Myths: the handbook for managing and motivating Millennials. A Millennial herself, Gabrielle is obsessed with helping other generations understand today’s twenty-somethings and provides practical insight and research on how to engage with Millennials. She is the President and Founder of the Millennial Solution, a next-generation consulting group empowering leaders to optimize their Millennial talent and equipping Millennials to excel in their personal and professional lives. 

Gabrielle specializes in youth leadership style and motivation. Gabrielle has been called a Millennial mediator- bridging the generation gap and bringing her passion and personality to solving the challenge of a multi-generational workplace. Her teaching style is interactive, practical and intuitively relevant to her audience. 

Gabrielle is a former Miss Sacramento and is regularly called on to provide commentary on Millennials and has delivered keynote addresses to professional audiences such as The Catholic University and the Naval Sea Command Center.