Walk in with a problem, walk out with a plan!
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  • Organizational Management
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Annette’s core focus is on helping develop an awareness for capacity. Potential is a future concept, but capacity is what’s in you right NOW! Annette has worked with groups across the US and Internationally. In 2012 she co-founded Membership180 with Jay Handler.  

M180 is a sustainable membership development company devoted to seeing membership organizations grow through engaging current members while recruiting new ones. In addition, she is a regular speaker, facilitator and consultant to clients in the areas of board development, strategic planning, executive coaching, women and community, leadership and diversity. She also maintains a coaching business for both personal and business clients.

Talk Ideas

Creating a Culture of Engagement

A holistic approach to engagement in every sector of your organization; staff, BOD, Ambassadors, volunteers, community partners, and the community at large.

Moving from Bored to Board

When you find yourself saying “my board is not engaged” it’s time to dig in and discover why.

Creative Collaboration

Why do we put these groups together? What do we want to accomplish? When we reach the end of the process are we getting a positive return on that investment? Moving from “competitive” to “creative” in our collaborative efforts will change the direction of the results!

Working with Overwhelm

We know it exists, we know it can take over, but do we have the capacity to dominate it instead?

Data Mining

Defining Who You Are! Engagement CAN be quantifiable and the answers are in your data. How do you analyze your data toward a more engaged organization?