Event Date: April 18-21, 2016

What we’re looking for in a speaker for NMX:

  • All sessions must be geared towards online content creators – Sessions must be of interest to bloggers, podcasters, and video creators.
  • Sessions that go beyond the usual “101:” NMX attendees are already creating content. Sessions shouldn’t tell us why we need to do it – they should tell us how to do it better, smarter, and more profitable.
  • Case studies, data, and trends as they relate to content creation: What are the things we need to know to be successful now and in the future? Share proof and statistics.
  • Tools, Tips, Techniques: How do content creators make the process easier, brighter, and clearer?
  • Monetization strategies and concepts – What are the different ways online content creators can monetize their own platforms for a full time income?
  • Self-publishing: The NMX community is made up of aspiring authors who want to succeed on their own platforms.
  • Something we don’t see anywhere else: We’ll give top consideration to sessions that are unique, and that we don’t see at every other conference. Teach us something new.

 More advanced content, please!

As content creators, the NMX community already knows why it’s important to blog, podcast, and produce video. They also know the importance of using social media. With that in mind, basic “why you need to blog” or “why podcasters should use Twitter” presentations aren’t helpful because our community is already there. What they really want to know how to do is to take their content to the next level. For example, photo, video and podcasting editing tips, advanced hacks for blogging, and ways all content creators can earn good money doing what they love most are welcome topics.

What we’re not looking for:

  • Sessions that aren’t geared towards online content creators: We’re not looking for sessions about how to drive Facebook engagement on a brand page, or how to up one’s Twitter follower count. That’s better geared towards a social media marketing conference, which we’re not.
  • Session featuring “secrets” that aren’t really secret If it comes up on a Google search, it’s not secret. If others have blogged about it, shared webinars about it, sold ebooks on it, and, well, know about it, it’s not a secret. If you’re promising secrets, or “surefire strategies” be sure to back them up in your proposal, because that’s something we’d really like to see. Sessions must deliver what they promise.
  • Sessions that are all jargon and no substance: Please don’t use exciting session titles that promise the world, or are riddled with marketing buzzwords and jargon. The NMX community doesn’t want to be pitched to – they want to advance their techniques as shared  by someone who does it well – in plain English.
  • Sessions that don’t match the session headline and description: Nothing frustrates the NMX community more than showing up for a session only to find out the presentation isn’t anything like what was promised in the session description.
  • Sessions that fizzle out after 15 minutes: Please be prepared to speak for 30 – 45 minutes depending on your session time, with 15 minutes left for Q&A.
  • Sales pitches: Pitching is for booths.
  • Sessions that tell us why we need to do something we’re already doing. NMX attendees are already online. They already know why they need to blog, podcast, produce video, tweet, or use Pinterest.
  • Sessions about you and your success that no one else can relate to: If you want to teach how you grew your podcast to 5 million listeners, you should teach exactly that. We’re not looking for a play by play of your highlight reel. If attendees can’t relate, you’ll lose them. Remember, the session isn’t about you – it’s to teach attendees how to get from point A to point B.
  • Sessions about growing follower counts or becoming influential: Just, no.
  • Sessions you see at every other conference:. The biggest consideration is given to those who present unique ideas. Please don’t submit a proposal for a session that you’ve presented at many other conferences.

I know this is a lot to think about. However, every year we receive hundreds of proposals. Many of them are amazing but due to time and space restraints we end up rejecting most of them. We have to make some very hard choices and review a ton of great ideas. When that process gets clogged up with people who obviously don’t get us, it makes it harder for everyone.

  NMX: Inspiring content creators since 2007

Our ideal NMX speakers aren’t gurus, mavens, rockstars, coaches, influencers, ninjas, or self-proclaimed experts. NMX speakers are passionate about content creation, people, and the conference itself. If this is you, we can’t wait to see your proposal. Deadline to accept proposals is August 31, 2015.

Think you’re a good fit for NMX? Click here to submit your proposal!

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