2016 Speaker Trends

With the start of the new year, there are a couple of important things for all public speakers to note. We’ve collected a couple of the most prominent trends (below) to help you improve your public speaking across 2016.

  • Increased Need for Cross-Industry Speakers: In lieu of educating employees on different functional areas (to encourage enterprise contribution), organizations hope to find speakers who can speak about different industries. Cross-industry training keeps companies innovative and is one of the best ways to start conjuring and then implementing new ideas and processes. More here.
  • Better Technology Improves Real Time Engagement & More Interactive Presentations. Event attendees today are more tech- savvy than ever before. In order to delight this new kind of audience, planners and speakers should optimize new event tech (such as AV effects and lighting) to really immerse attendees.

With this new technology, speakers are also able to better engage with their audience in real-time using interactive styles (think crowd-sourced materials and responses). Speakers are predicted to also use livestreaming social channels (Periscope for example) to better their social strategy for their personal and engage with audiences even from a remote location. More here.

What are some ways that you are upping your speaker game in 2016? How has new event technology helped you improve a recent presentation? Let us know: Write about your experience and become a contributor for the Orate blog: [email protected]



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