Tools for Event Organizers at Small Businesses

In celebration of Small Business Day (coming up on November 28), we wanted to provide a short list of our favorite event planning tools for small businesses. Please comment with your favorites -we always welcome and appreciate your feedback!

  1. & Facebook Events are simple ways to spread the word about your event using your social media networks. Both provide quick stats on RSVP responses as well.
  2. is a great solution if you’re looking to build a group on the platform and host monthly events throughout the year. This is a great solution for building a niche market in your local area.
  3. is m0st helpful for tracking conversations and mananging details and lists when planning multiple events. Another great (and completely free!) alternative is Google Docs - where you can track and update all of your important event documents and spreadsheets manually. You may be able to find some free event planning templates that can further simplify this process as well.

If you found this article helpful, you may also be interested in Small Biz Trend’s 42 Tips for Event Planning for Small Businesses: What are your favorite event planning apps and online tools for small businesses? We’d love to hear from you!



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