Women Leading on the Frontlines: Creating a Platform of Success

By: Dr. Michele Vaughn | Inspiration Coach

My mother has told me that ever since childhood I’ve been bold and always able to speak my mind. I recall leading my childhood friends in a friendly game of hide-and-seek as well as convincing my friends that I knew how to pull out their tooth that was hanging on by a thread so that they could avoid the dentist. Talk about Influence without knowing, well many of us have it and from a child we never really knew how to channel this internal energy that may compel others to follow.

John C. Maxwell says, “The true measure of leadership is influence – nothing more, nothing less.” To lead with influence for a woman who is raising children on her own could be a very pressing and demanding position. But, according to the American Progress (https://www.americanprogress.org/issues/women/report/2014/03/07/85457/fact-sheet-the-womens-leadership-gap/) women make up a majority of the U.S. Population and earn almost 60% of undergraduate degrees and master’s degrees. And although the data support women leading on the education frontlines, it poorly reflects women representation in leadership positions. But, for the few women who are able to climb the mountain of perseverance and raise their children, complete a higher education, launch a business and travel the country speaking on platforms to inspire others, leadership can become draining.

So how do a woman wearing many hats with a mission to fulfill her purpose and destiny to continue to add value wherever she goes and influence others without growing weary? It can be a tricky ordeal for some and a strategic plan for others to maintain their sanity in the midst of leading forward. Speaking with passion comes from personal trials and tribulations as well as experience. Women that succeed will ultimately create a blueprint of success for others to follow!


So how can a woman who is leading in her home, community, and her career not grow weary in the process? This is a heavy question and one that I will engage you with by providing a seven day reminder guide and quick tips on how not to grow weary while leading from my self-released manual found online at http://www.lead2inspire.org/products.

Day One| Sunday - Every LEADER Should Have a Timeout


  • Do not answer any business / work related text messages, emails or phone calls.
  • Carve out at least 1 hour to be by yourself for mental relaxation and reflection.
  • Intentionally make time for a family activity or conversation to remain connected.

Day Two | Monday - Avoid the Beginning Week Blues

  • Start your morning with a splash of inspiration.
  • Intentionally carve out a moment where you give someone at least 5 minutes of active     listening time (Selfless Act).
  • Speak out loud and demand that Success be attracted to you on this day.
  • Avoid negative circles that would tempt you to host your own self-pity party.

Day Three | Tuesday - Learn How to Gain Your Momentum

  • Reevaluate why you are in the leadership position that you’re in (return back to your first love).
  • Begin to challenge yourself by creating a goal for today outside of the necessary “to do” tasks (feeling accomplished).
  • Watch a motivational video / audio or read an inspirational quote that resonates with you.

Day Four | Wednesday - Don’t Get Stuck

  • When you wake up email yourself a motivational reminder to encourage yourself when you get to work and open your email.
  • On your way to work play inspiring music / or encouraging audio talks.
  • Declare out loud one goal you will focus on accomplishing today and at the end of the day send yourself “great job well done email.”
  • Avoid at all cost transferring a negative attitude onto others (unnecessary displacement).

Day Five | Thursday - Gaining Your Second Wind

  • Create a Vision Board for yourself that reminds you of your purpose and goals in life.
  • Start a personal accountability goal journal (holding yourself accountable for your own level of progress).
  • Locate a mentor who represents where you are trying to go and will hold you accountable.

Day Six | Friday - Take Yourself Out to Lunch

  • Create a date on your calendar and block time out for yourself DO NOT CANCEL ON YOURSELF.
  • If you do not have the financial resources, then simply go to your car during lunch (play inspirational music or total silence) and eat lunch in the car dwelling on your progress.
  • Find a lunch location that fits your personality and when the waitress/waiter asks you if you’re celebrating anything your response is “YES, I am celebrating the fact that I accomplished my goals this week!”

Day Seven | Saturday - Leadership Isn’t All About Business, Find Your Happy

  • Turn off your cell phone to avoid any business calls, texts or emails.
  • Make this day intentionally a day where you only want to experience the emotion of happy.
  • Spend quality time only with people that will contribute towards your happy.
  • Make this day memorable so you can have a great memory leading you into the Monday ahead.

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  1. Wow! This is truly inspiring. I love the part about sending yourself a motivational email. I’m going to get right to it! We as women definitely need time to ourselves and to surround ourselves with positive people! Thank you Dr. Michele!

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