10 Body Language Tips From the 2015 G7 Conference

Monitor your inflection and emphasize points with images, analogies, and volume of your voice.


  1. Smile – possibly your most powerful weapon; smiling at your audience will not only make them feel more comfortable but ensure they are much more receptive to what you are saying.
  2. Eye contact – make eye contact with members of your audience. It’s a fact that people pay more attention to those who look them in the eye. Engage with your audience.
  3.  Make your point – be sure to use positive gestures such as smiling and nodding. You must be seen to believe your own point if you want your audience to do the same.
  4. Be authoritative – to emphasize a point in your speech, use small, staccato gestures and speak calmly; President Obama is quite adept at this. A definitive gesture of authority when you speak is to place both of your hands, palms down, on the lectern or table you are using.
  5. Get your audiences’ attention – Monitor your inflection and emphasize points with images, analogies, and volume of your voice.
  6. Confidence - look confident even if you’re not feeling that way by being mindful of your posture. Open your chest and arms and keep your back straight; by doing this you’ll be able to control your breathing and feel more relaxed. See photo above – however the conversation is going with Chancellor Merkel, President Obama seems relaxed about it.
  7. Walk it – bring your speech alive by using the physical space available to you. You can even mark subject changes by repositioning yourself on stage or in the speaking area.
  8. Power of the Pause - If you get a difficult question at the end of your talk, pause and show you are thinking about it and look the inquisitor in the eye.
  9. Vary your gestures – Bigger is usually better, but if you shift between large and small gestures, be poised and confident with both.
  10. Palm of your hand – gesturing with your palms exposed shows that you are open and willing to negotiate, while palms turned down indicate that you are closed to negotiation.

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Sources: Forbes.com: 10 Simple And Powerful Body Language Tips

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